I'm like sooo effin lonely...I really really wish I had a boyfriend.I really want a boyfriend I mean honestly I must have always been right i must be fucking ugly.I've been in Wellington what 2 years now gonna be 3 and I have had one boyfriend which wasn't even really a boyfriend because I broke up with him in like an hour.I don't want to be a lonely old bitch when I die. I want to be a happy bitch when I die lol.Everyone I know has someone they like someone that likes them or has a boyfriend. Honestly I can't even watch Gilmore Girls without getting depressed because someone has a boyfriend or kisses.I feel so alone it's not even funny. I wanna be able to go out on a Friday night with my boyfriend but in order to do that I need a boyfriend whatever I'm gonna go sulk somewhere else (-Comment-)502.5737
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I haven't updated in soo long but yeah I was sick today and slept all day fun i caught up on most of my sleep and I realli want a boyfriend everyone else around me has someone they like or someone that likes them but me I have no one. What am I doin sooo wrong am i realli that ugly..obviously I am if this is where I am now I am in danger or not passing the 8th grade and going on to highschool. because of mii piece of shit mother who decides I know you can finish so she decided I don't want to send you to summer school so if i don't finish everything by June 9th the last day of school Im screwed over completely.So now i'm in a very depressed stage where I just want to vegetate and sleep...I don't even want to eat I'm fat! well im gonna go and try and do some school work....so lots.. x to the o lOts <33 julianne (-lC-) call it.
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Haven't Updated in forever....

First of all I would like to thank Gina for making my awsomely hott journal....I love Adam Brody....lol but lets go over with whats been going on in my little world...Monday:Went To school was bored out of my mind slept most of the day in the back "Doing a Report".Lolz Tuesday:We had baseball day or something and we got to wear whatever we want so I went to Gina's Monday night and borrowed her Marlins shirt becuase I know she was the one to go to for Baseball memrobilia (sp) ummm yea we got free Ice Cream..Yay! Then we had CCD and we didn't stay for all of it because my bloodsugar went low...It was actually really funny. Wednesday:Umm..School and Church in the Morning and then yeah....thats about it for wednesday! Thursday: The OC was on OMG it's getting so good...I can't wait till next week....and then Today (Friday):Nothing Intresting was supposed to go to Brittany's but then her and her Mom went on a unexpected Trip to Arizona to see her sister...and then I was supposed to go to the Movies with Katie and her friends but NO! My mom being the bitch she is made me stay home and do chores fun fun fun NOT!....so tomorrow I don't care I'm having fun and she is not stopping me!So basically I stayed home and did nothing...well I'm gonna go be bored more Ta Ta For Now!
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Long Time

Well havent updated in a while havent had time lets go through whats happened...........I was sick Monday and Monday night my parents got into an accident and shes all bruised and burned from the airbag and my dad got hit in the ribs but theyll b ok and then tuesday i stayed home and today went by really really fast but YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPRING BREAK!!!!!! 2 Days away soooo excited because if Nicole isnt in Atlanta the whole tiem for Volleyball she might come and spend the weekend....but Friday Kelsey is sleeping over i havent seen her in forever but now lets backtrack a little to the weekend Friday Melynda slept over not gonna mention the drama that happened,Saturday I slept over my friend Katies and we stayed outside for a while but this tiem we didnt sneek out lol that was hilarious but then Sunday I went to my friend Brittanys party and that was sooo much frickin fun and i went shopping and got new sunglasses thats my new item obsession sunglasses....and my mom says if i take care of these for the next 5 monthsi can get Chanel sunglasses!!!!yay but neways tomorrow thursday which means The OC is on YAY the hotness of Adam Brody continues but im gonna go ill update later if i got the time bye!!!!!

X to tHe O
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Just Got Back

Well this week was a borefest....Today was ok I went to school that part was boring but i dont no how id survive at that school without Brittany lol Kill It!!Then i went to the movies with Katie and we saw well kind of saw ummm what was the name of it Katie? Oh yea Be Cool from the part we saw it was pretty good till we dumped are whole bag of popcorn on top of this girl 2 rows ahead of us that Katie knew and then the lady that was like one row in front of us went and told so we ran to the front of the theater!!! and didn't get caught but our friends behind us got kicked out so we just left and went to Walgreens and got Red Bull!!!YUMMY!!!! NOW im soooo awake and hyper anyways then the cops were like u need to call ur parents u cant just sit around and i was like ok but we didnt and went to Burger King and then they went there and we got yelled at and then we were in line becuase we saw our friend Audrey and so we were talking to her and this lady thought we were cutting so she went and told the cops and the cops started laughing!! lol and In walgreens this lady yelled at me cuase i was like im cutting u and shes like ugh i was like calm down lady!!!but yea then we just saw all these people we knew and then I saw Candice and Domenique I love them lol i havent seen them in sooo long.It was nice to see some familiar faces and then my Dad picked us up in his Hot Car lol Chrysler 300 <----Thats Hot Lol and now were home and Katies on the phone and im listenig to music and talking to Lo I LOVE YOU LO!!!! and well now im gonna go write later!COMMENT!
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Well the last three days have sucked lets go over it starting with Monday....Monday I had the day off and my dads friend who is like my aunt took me shopping she thinks of me like her daughter becuase she always wanted one but has a son so of course she spoils me lol so we went shopping at the Boca Mall and she got me clothes,louis vuitton,makeup,shoes and we spent like 5,000 dollars and i was like holy crap i havent seen that much money in one day at the mall in forever...the tuesday it was back to the living hell hole but it boring and i slept because my gay teacher moved me in like against the wall away from everybody because my friend passed me a note when i sat next to her and i got moved for it i was like what the hell..but o well i got used to my new seat i can sleep,eat,listen to music and i won't get caught but anyways wednesday,thursday,and today...ive been sick i have a sinus infection or something like that which sucks...and my throat hurts like hell..but tomorows Saturday and im hoping to feel better by then i do today so i can go to my friends house,or to the mall,or movies or whatever.but for now i'm gonna go lay down,sleep and watch T.v. Ta Ta For Now
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